Which Is the Best 180-degree Modular Motorcycle Helmets?

Which Is the Best 180-degree Modular Motorcycle Helmets?

Modular helmets are all the rave these days. Riders love the helmets because of their versatility. The modular helmets are available in different varieties. The conventional modular helmet has a chin bar that flips and sticks up. The novel 180-degree modular helmet has a chin bar that rotates behind the helmet. 

Below are some things you should know about the best 180-degree modular helmet.

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Why People Consider 180-degree Helmets

A 180-degree modular helmet has all the benefits of a conventional modular helmet. For example, you can:

  • Flip up the chin bar to ride with an open face

  • Bring down the chin bar to cover your entire head with the helmet

The versatility is akin to having a two-in-one helmet. You can use the helmet in different riding situations without taking it off.

The 180-degree helmet is a special version that hides the chin bar completely behind the helmet. This mechanism greatly attracts those who consider the chin bar an eyesore in the helmet’s front.

Choosing a 180-degree Helmet

Choosing a 180-degree helmet is just like choosing any other modular helmet. Here are some helpful tips. 

The Hinge Mechanism

The most noteworthy thing about the 180-degree helmet is the chin bar’s ability to go behind the helmet. However, this is only a great deal if the hinge’s operation is smooth and efficient. Look for a helmet you can easily switch from one configuration to another.

Safety Standards

All helmets must satisfy the safety standards of the relevant authorities. The certification body depends on the country or region. For example, the Department of Transportation (DoT) certifies helmets in the United States. Therefore, ensure your helmet is safe for riding – don’t just focus on the 180-degree chin bar’s aesthetics.

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Helmet Fit and Comfort

The helmet’s fit and comfort determine whether you can enjoy your rides without helmet fatigue. Helmet fatigue is dangerous because it increases your accident risk. The helmet’s fit and comfort depends on different factors, including:

  • The helmet’s weight and shape

  • The helmet’s padding

  • The helmet’s handling of road noise

  • The helmet’s ventilation system – if any

Candid research at top modular motorcycle helmet review guide on helmetgurus.com can help you choose a comfortable helmet.

Why Consider Top Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review Guide on Helmetgurus.Com

Testing a helmet is a good way to find the best one. However, you cannot test all the available helmets. Trying different helmets is also incompatible with online shopping.

The good news is that other riders have already tried and given their verdicts on 180-degree helmets. Scrutinize the available reviews to help you make an informed decision. For example, helmetgurus.com has trustworthy reviews you can use.

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Honorable Mentions

The manufacturing industry has several noteworthy brands of modular helmets. Below are some honorable mentions:

  • Schuberth, a German brand renowned for premium helmets

  • Shoei, a Japanese brand touted for high-quality helmets

  • Bell, an American brand with different versions of modular helmets

  • AGV, an Italian brand that has produced helmets for a long time

These are just a few examples; the list is not exhaustive. However, you should not solely focus on brands when shopping for a helmet. Take your time to choose a good helmet. 

In conclusion, there is no single 180-degree helmet that everyone can label the best. The best helmet for you is the one that meets your needs and is within your price range.

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