Parapet Walls Parapet walls are small or low-lying wall that is built on the edges of the roof the terrace, balcony, walkway etc. Parapet walls can be built…

Parapet Walls

Parapet walls are small or low-lying wall that is built on the edges of the roof the terrace, balcony, walkway etc. Parapet walls can be built using various materials such as steel, reinforced cement concrete aluminum, glass, and so on. Different kinds of parapet walls as well as their applications are described below.

Types of Parapet Walls

Classification Based on Appearance

Parapet walls can be classified into different types based on their appearance:

1. Plain Parapet Walls

The parapet wall that is plain is nothing more than an extension vertically of the wall that runs along the edges of the roof. It is a common kind of parapet that is specifically designed to meet security reasons.

Concrete coping is installed at the top, with corbels below it.

Plain parapets are simple to build and require minimal maintenance.

Plain parapet usually looks dull and unappealing.

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2. Perforated Parapet Walls

Parapet walls with perforations are also an extension, similar to a normal parapets, but in this instance the wall's extended portion is perforated by different size openings to enhance the aesthetics that the building has.

Differently designed perforations, such as floral, trefoils and circles forms, etc. are utilized.

3. Paneled Parapet Walls

Paneled parapet walls Paneled parapet walls look similar to plain parapets, but the difference is that the paneled parapets are embellished with a panels that are arranged in a series around the perimeter of the walls of the parapet.

The panels could be square or oblong, but there aren't any perforations in this situation.

Parapets of this type are more popular since it offers an attractive design to the structure, but at the same isn't expensive and offers an easy the construction.

Embattled Parapet Walls

The embattled parapets were commonly used in the past especially for forts, castles and forts.

The alternative high and low sections and perforations can be found within the parapet. In the past the perforations were typically utilized by archers to shoot arrows through in defense of the castle.

Due to their gorgeous design and unique appearance The embattled parapets have been constructed to improve the aesthetics of structures.

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Why do we need walls for our porches?

We cannot keep the perimeter of the roof or balcony, terrace or walkway. free of any barriers to movement. This is the primary reason we have wall around these areas we discuss within this piece.

Let's look at the major benefits of having a wall addition to the security

Advantages of Parapet Walls

Make the Space Useful: Building walls allows us to make the most of the area. If not, we wouldn't be possible to utilize the space close to the edge of most places.

One of the primary advantages of these kinds of walls is the security of the people who live there.

Use as a barrier to dust, etc.

It's a great alternative for privacy, especially when it is built about the 3ft tallness is removed to the outside.

It cut off the wind directly and serves as a wind-blocker.

It gives a more attractive look to the building. Different types of designs of parapet walls may be built.

It protects the equipment that is placed on roofs.

Technical Information about the Wall

The wall's height is 900mm, or 3 feet. It is determined by the safety of the people who live there. There are guidelines regarding the wall's height. Most of this height is required for roof terraces, balconies and balcony with access.

The wall's width can vary from structure to the structure. Generally, it is 225mm or 9inch. But, it can be made up of blocks of 4 inches too.

The wall that is exposed to direct sunlight may crack in the absence of a structure that can support the tensile stress created by the restrain within the wall.

Stiffnere columns and beams could be constructed to stop cracking. (Refer to the last part of this article to find more details about construction[refer to the latter part of the article for construction details]

The majority of walls are built as wall masonry. However, for special events, the walls are built using reinforced concrete.

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