4 Best Residential Weight Loss Programs There's no easy way around it - dieting can be hard. If you've had a diet fail because it wasn't practical or didn't…

4 Best Residential Weight Loss Programs

There's no easy way around it - dieting can be hard.

If you've had a diet fail because it wasn't practical or didn't help you maintain your results long-term, you aren't alone. Losing weight may be one of the biggest health challenges we face today - and keeping it off is the single biggest reason most diets don't work.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it's time to try a residential weight loss retreat. And if you just involuntarily rolled your eyes, then wait - don't stop reading now!

Residential weight loss today is a much different experience than the fat camps and fat farms you've probably heard about before, or seen portrayed in popular TV shows like The Biggest Loser.

Modern weight loss retreats focus on encouragement, motivation, support, and healthy lifestyle choices. They're designed to help you not only lose weight fast, but keep it off long-term.

Here are the top 4 award-winning weight loss programs you can attend right now:

Weight Crafters

Most of us would like all of the benefits of a residential weight loss program without breaking the bank. Weight Crafters squarely targets this group, offering the same amenities as more expensive weight loss retreats without the luxury prices. This value is what places Weight Crafters at the top of our list.

Small group training twice per day, meals provided, nutritional counseling, and activities on the white Gulf Coast sands are all part of the package, and their pricing is "all-inclusive" so you won't have to worry about spending extra for everything once you arrive. Rates start in the $ 1500 per week range.

Hilton Head Health

With a massive 800-acre resort, Hilton Head Health (or H3) is one of the more expansive options. They offer multiple program types, from low impact wellness stays to intense weight loss courses.

H3 has multiple nutritional options available on site, as well as a full blown spa. Being a larger resort, you can expect to easily blend into the crowd if desired - but many guests will opt for individual counseling sessions, training and other a la carte services.

H3 rates start in the middle of the road for residential weight loss, around $ 4000 per week.

Structure House

Sometimes your health or current medical conditions can limit the sorts of weight loss programs that will let you attend. If this is your situation, Structure House is a great option. Rather than following a standard Exercise / Diet / Habits model, they operate more as a rehab center - and have medical professionals on staff and on site to ensure that any advanced conditions you're dealing with are properly cared for.

Whether you're struggling with a medical issue or an emotional one like binge eating, Structure House is your best bet to find solutions. Their rates vary, but you should expect to spend around $ 4000 per week, and spend a good month or so.

Cooper Aerobics & Healthy Living

Located in Dallas Texas, Cooper offers a unique combination of wellness benefits. For the more passive who are looking to stay in the Dallas area for other reasons, Cooper provides a variety of healthy food and activities as an alternative to the typical hotel accommodations you might have chosen.

Their wellness week program includes fitness training sessions, all meals, and other healthy habit building activities. Rates start at $ 2200, but do not include accommodations.

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