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Ann Miller

Are You Limiting Your Choices in Love?

Ann Miller | Komentarze | piątek, 8 styczeń 21, 16:35

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Once you learn the secret of how a successful relationship works, you’ll use it the rest of your life

love letter

Denise is an attractive writer and speaker. She has “no problemo” meeting men.

The men Denise likes are movin’ and shakin’ and hip and happenin’ … and wealthy.

The last man Denise dated whisked her away for a romantic weekend and showered her with intimate dinners and great sex.

Denise thought she had found her husband.

Unfortunately, her date was looking for a good time.

Sadly, Denise was choosing men based solely on their power, position and purse.

Her unstable income as a writer triggered Denise’s insecurity and lack of self worth in relationships. This showed up in her inability to say “no” to a man she thought could take care of her.

In essence, Denise was looking for a “Prince” to rescue her financially.

The problem was Denise didn’t know how to negotiate her own value and self worth with these wealthy men so she kept getting disappointed and used.

To make matters worse, Denise didn’t really like the men she was dating. Yes, they took her to great restaurants. Yes, she was impressed with their power. But they didn’t treat her well. Most were jerks, players or married.

Fortunately, Denise learned her relationship and insecurities around money were keeping her from having the prosperous, intimate romantic relationship she dreamed of.

Bit by bit, Denise began opening herself up and dating a wider variety of men. In so doing, Denise started feeling better about herself. She had more men to choose from so she didn’t feel as desperate. She started taking her time and seeing what a man truly had to offer.

Now, Denise is dating a great guy who doesn’t have a flashy car, but treats her well and offers her a good return on her investment of time, energy and self-worth.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with your wanting a man in power who has a nice income. Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting that.

But are you limiting your romantic possibilities because of your judgments, values and belief systems? (What you think you want, you may not be prepared to have.)

Do you pass up dates because of the car he drives or where he lives or what he does?

Are you looking for a man to rescue you financially?

If so, you may want to look at other “gold” a man can bring. Men are unlimited in supply and what they can offer. You do not have to limit your choices when life gives you a banquet.

By shifting your energy, expanding your mindset and increasing your knowledge of how relationships work, you give yourself many more choices.

Once you learn the secret of how a successful relationship works, you’ll use it the rest of your life … in love and business. If you don’t master the art of men and money now, you are sadly sabotaging your chances for romantic success.