Gil Farming Tips For FFXIV

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Gil Farming Tips For FFXIV

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Some players play FFXIV strictly for crafting, and that can be a very lucrative strategy. Players with high level crafting classes can make a lot of gil by selling the items they create to other players. This mainly applies to Disciples of the Hand and Land, but other Jobs can also earn a good amount from this method.

Tradecraft Leves

Tradecraft Leves are what the Blacksmith, Weaver, and Carpenter classes use to level their craft jobs. These are essentially delivery requests that involve handling in a designated item within a certain time limit. They reward decent chunks of experience, and a bonus for turning in High Quality items.

Battlecraft Leves, on the other hand, are combat-based. These usually involve killing a lot of enemies or accompanying NPCs, and they often have time limits and rewards. Fieldcraft Leves are similar to Battlecraft Leves, except they require gathering a certain amount of materials in a limited time. Fishermen can buy their Leve gathering targets from the Market Board, and these also have time limits with bonuses for speed.

Deciphering Treasure Maps

While it is widely known that crafting is a great way to make gil, players may be unaware that gatherers can also profit from deciphering Treasure Maps. Obtainable from the Level 36 quest "Treasures and Tribulations" or purchased on the Market Board, these maps offer a chance to spawn a treasure dungeon with various rewards.

These include a good amount of raw Gil, Tomestones and crafting materials to sell or use yourself. Several of the maps are designed to be played as a group and some, like the Timeworn Saigaskin and Zonureskin, even feature a game of chance. These are quick and easy ways to earn some extra cash.

Doing Class Quests

A good number of the things players do in FFXIV require a significant amount of Gil, from teleportation to crafting ingredients. This makes it essential for players to know how to farm Gil. There are many different ways to make gil in buy ffxiv gil, including selling items on the Market Board and completing Tradecraft levelquests. However, these methods can be time consuming.

Another popular way to make gil in FFXIV is through class quests, which can reward high-level loot that sells for a decent amount. Also, the more a player does these quests, the more they will gain experience and level up their characters.

Gathering and Selling Tomestones

There are several ways to gather and sell Tomestones. The most profitable method involves using them to buy raw materials and selling them on the Market Board. This is a good way to make Gil without having to level a gathering class.

Another popular way to make Gil is by running Duty Roulettes. Each daily Roulette offers a combination of experience, Grand Company Seals, Cracked Clusters, Mahchi Matter, and Gil. This is one of the best ways to make Gil for newer players, but it does not generate as much as a leveled gathering class would. It is also important to keep up with new content. The items that are available at launch will often sell for a premium.

Reselling Tomestones

While crafting and gathering can make you a lot of money in FFXIV, they require a significant time investment. Plus, they can be unstable sources of income because of market board prices. For instance, hard-to-find materials like shards, crystals, and clusters sell for quite a bit of gil. Overworld mobs also drop crafting items that can be sold to vendors or on the Market Board.

Players can also make a good amount of money from Tomestones. These can be exchanged for Unidentifiable Shells and Ores with Hismena in Rowena's Center for Cultural Promotion in Idyllshire to obtain Grade 3 Topsoil, which they can then sell to Bertana for gil.

Doing Dungeons

While low-level players and free-trial casuals often overlook the importance of Gil, most adventurers in FFXIV will need to obtain large sums of it in order to complete the game. They will need it to purchase the high-level gear, teleportation points and houses required for end-game content like Eureka instance farming and treasure hunts.

Performing the weekly challenge log can also yield significant amounts of Gil, with each completed objective rewarding the player with both EXP and money. Additionally, doing Roulettes can be a great way to make money in FFXIV, as many of the high-level roulette materia sells for good prices on the Market Board.