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For any Google Related query contact Google real person.

We live in a world where we regularly run into problems with either our Google account or the Google Play store. Even while the majority of us handle our Google account or Play Store problems on our own, we occasionally need human assistance. However, because Google doesn't offer a specific customer support number for its users, the majority of people wonder whether Google offers live chat for customer service or not.

In any case, there is no Google live chat option if you wish to communicate with Google directly about problems with your Gmail account. You must describe your problem, choose a category, and then follow the instructions on the Google support website to find a solution to your account-related problems. But still if you need human support, contact the third party support.

Google Play Store does, however, offer a live chat option. So, if you have any problems or questions with your Google Play Store order, you may chat live with a Google Real Person by following the instructions below, which are available every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm:

Visit Google play store on your browser
In the upper right corner of the screen, next to the settings symbol, click the Help button.
You must now select the contact us option.
Under the contact us option, you need to complete three steps before you eventually reach the chat option.
Define your problem first, then confirm it by choosing one of the alternatives provided or by clicking another.
The chat option will show in the fourth step after all the other steps have been completed; select it, provide your name and the details of your problem, and you'll be connected to a Google agent in under a minute.