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After using your skateboard bearings for a while, they are filled with grit and dirt and they cause negative impacts on your performance. Therefore, skaters are advised to clean and lubricate them regularly in order to keep them in the best working condition.

If you are finding proper instruction on how to lubricate the bearings, you have come to the right place. In this short post, I will summarize the necessary tools and steps in order to get your skateboard bearings lubricated.


As the guide from SkateAdvisors shares the basic steps to lubricate skateboard bearings, the first and foremost step is to do proper preparation. Skaters need to find an area where they can remove the wheels and bearings such as a flat workstation, your garage, or the kitchen table.

From my experience, you will need to find a level surface, prepare a wrench (or a skate tool), a razor blade, a cup, alcohol (or nail varnish remover), a bearings holder, skateboard lubricant, and some paper towels.


In order to clean the dirt on your bearings and apply lubricant, you first need to take the wheels and then the bearings off. Skaters can use a skate tool or a wrench to take the bolts off the wheel. Subsequently, apply a gentle force to get the bearings out.

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You need to pay attention to the force applied to the bearings to avoid destroying them. In case you want to replace the bearing, you can use as much force as you want. Otherwise, I think it is better to take a look at the guide from SkateAdvisors to avoid that mistake.


Skaters are asked to clean the bearings frequently to extend the lifespan and keep them working in the best condition. Of course, you can apply the lubricant directly to the bearings but the efficiency is significantly reduced. Hence, you need to clean them first with alcohol and then dry them completely.

After you have got clean and dry bearings, you just need to add a little lubricant to finish. Although you can use any kind of lubricant, purchasing a product that is dedicated to skateboard bearings will show the best result.


After your bearings are well cleaned and lubricated, you need to put them back in their places. Remember to do it gently so as not to damage the wheels. After finishing, you can try rotating the wheels to check the working condition of your bearings.

Besides those steps, there are some remarks in order to achieve the best results while cleaning skateboard bearings. All these tips are available at a post by SkateAdvisors waiting for you to check it out.

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It is quite hard to give you the right frequency of lubricating your skateboard bearings; however, if you can detect any problem when your wheels spin, you can take a look at the bearings. After all, frequent clearing doesn’t hurt.