Qantas airlines cancellation policy | Refund policy

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If you have to cancel your Qantas Airways flight, you just need to be aware of the Qantas Airways cancellation process or cancellation policy before you cancel your booking. It is an easy task if the following points are kept in mind.

A few words about Qantas Airlines
Before proceeding with the main idea, Qantas Airlines is one of the leading airlines in Australia. It was started in 1920 and began operations in 1921 to be the third oldest airline in the world still in operation. Similarly, it is also the largest air transport company in the country when measured in terms of international flights/destinations and fleet size.

Also, the name (Qantas) of the airline is short for 'Queensland and Northern Territory Air Services'. Headquartered in Mascot, New South Wales, Australia, it is also an eminent member of the Oneworld alliance. According to 2014 data, Qantas Airlines held around 65% of the domestic aviation market in Australia.

Cancellation Policy

Passengers can book a flight on Qantas the way they want, both online and offline. If you are booking the ticket online, you can go to the official website and do it, if you want to book it offline, you can call the help center or take it directly from the airport. Qantas Airlines cancellation policy must be made in the same way that passengers booked their ticket. That is, if the ticket was booked online, the cancellation can only be done online, the people who booked their tickets offline would have to cancel in the same way.

Qantas Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee
Keeping in mind the fare framework, Qantas Airlines comes up with a fair fare policy for the passengers. However, flight cancellation is free, it also imposes fees in certain cases. However, the fee is highly dependent on various factors, such as the type of fee, destination, route, and others.

In addition, the Qantas booking cancellation fee is applied on a per person booking basis. Travelers can obtain the latest fare updates by calling before proceeding to cancel the itinerary.

Refund policy
You can easily request your refund through the Qantas airline as they do not hesitate to provide it until you follow the refund policy. However, you can request a refund from where you have canceled or made the flight reservation. If the reservation is made through the Internet or Qantas airline, you can call their customer service number or visit the official website and manage your reservation. But, if the Qantas airline reservation is made by a third party, you can contact the employee of the company.

You can get a full refund if the tickets are refundable. In case there is a sudden flight delay, change or cancellation within 72 hours of your scheduled departure, you can request it in the form of a credit or refund. In addition, they will provide certain additional facilities depending on the condition, such as food vouchers or overnight stay.