KLM Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight Ticket

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KLM Cancellation Policy has been provided below

KLM allows you to cancel a booking within seconds of booking, knowing that violations can cause problems for passengers at any time. You can even cancel your booking after check-in, but in this case, you will be charged the applicable fee. The best thing about KLM is the introduction of a golden 24-hour cancellation policy. When travelers cancel within 24 hours of purchase, you can get a full refund and no cancellation fees. The 24-hour KLM cancellation policy is valid for both domestic and international tickets.
First, cancellation fees at KLM depend on the type of charges: refundable or non-refundable; However, if you complete the cancellation within 24 hours of booking you can skip paying any charge. If you miss the grace cancellation period offered by KLM you must pay the applicable charges. If you cancel your KLM reservation and reschedule for a new flight, you will have to pay cancellation charges along with the fare difference.

How to Cancel KLM Flight Ticket

Before canceling a reservation, you need to know that your ticket must be subject to the KLM cancellation policy. You can cancel your KLM reservation within 24 hours of booking by following these steps:

Use a trusted website to access the official KLM Royal Dutch Airlines website. Go to the My Trips section. Enter the passenger's name after the booking code. Once you have your reservation, you will need to follow the cancellation instructions displayed on the screen. If necessary, you will need to enter the reason for the cancellation. This makes your request more reliable. If you have attached the required documents, please pay the applicable cancellation fee and wait until the transaction is completed. I canceled my KLM reservation within 24 hours of booking.