How can I recover my deleted Google account?

poniedziałek, 5 czerwiec 23, 11:55

Lets see the way to recover deleted google account

After recently disabling your Google account, you may have felt the need to restore your deleted account. No problem at all as I can guide you through the whole process to do the same. Follow or pay attention to this tutorial to get what you're looking for. Follow the steps below for account recovery immediately.

Steps to recover deleted Google account quickly and efficiently:

Step 1 – Sign in from the Google homepage, enter your Google email address and select Next.

Step 2: If recoverable, the user can choose from the options available to recover the account.

Step 3 – The user can enter the verification code they should have received in the form of a text or message.

Step 4 – Once the verification code has been successfully entered, create a new strong password for your account and select Continue changing password.

Step 5 – The user will be able to select Continue again and will be ready to sign in to the disabled account.