Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

czwartek, 10 marzec 22, 11:05

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy has been provided below

Under Delta airlines cancellation policy 24 hour, when a passenger cancels tickets within 24 hours of booking, they receive a full refund from the airline. The traveler has 24 hours to request a cancellation without paying the cancellation fee. This approach offers a golden opportunity for travelers unfamiliar with travel.

All travelers are eligible for a full refund. The type of tickets has no role in determining the refund amount. If a passenger wishes to cancel the ticket on the day of booking, no cancellation fee will be charged.

When a passenger has to cancel a ticket for some reason, after the risk-free period, they have to pay the cancellation fee as per the Delta 24 hour cancellation policy. To receive a refund amount, travelers must communicate with the customer service team. The refund will be transferred within a total of three working weeks. If the flight is delayed by more than five hours, the passenger is likely to receive a full refund from the airline.