How To Store Your Cordless Drill?

czwartek, 30 lipiec 20, 05:40

Whether you have a collection of different cordless drills or only one tool, it's essential to know how to properly store your cordless drill. Even you have the best cordless drill, storing it improperly is "an effective way" to shorten its lifespan.

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Why do you need to store your drill in the right way?

I know that many of you will casually put your cordless drill on the workbench or shove it in a corner. However, your action creates an opportunity for dust and debris build up in the small crevices on the drill, especially near the bit.

Keep your cordless drill in the case

The majority of cordless drills are packed with a hard plastic storage case. You have to put your model in this case when not in use. This way can protect your tool from dust particles and keep it from the rust formation.

In case your product doesn't have available a storage case, don't worry. It's effortless to buy one in a hardware store or purchase a case from an online shop.

Keep your cordless drill in a dry place

Even a teenager knows that you can't let a tool running on battery-supplied electricity like the the best cordless drill brands contact with water. Or you will have to throw it away and buy a new one.

Although there are some types of waterproofing drills, which are designed to use under rain and snow on the market, please don't take advantage of this feature. If unessential, don't let a waterproof cordless drill contact with water elements to keep it in good condition all the time.

Moreover, using your device in a damp condition can void the warranty.

Remember that the water elements include not only rain and snow but also the moisture in the air. So, you know where you need to avoid storing this machine, right?

Keep your model from the heat

You have a thick weather-resistant storage case, and you don't care about anything else, right?

Whether you have this item or not, don't store your cordless drill in a place with a high-temperature level. The high heat can damage the battery and raise the risk of explosion.

Thus, say "NO" with the following areas:

  • The outdoors where it receives the sunlight directly.
  • Places have the heating system and plumbing lines.

Keep your cordless drill off the ground

Putting your cordless drill on the ground can make debris, dirt, and grass clipping stuck in the drill bit. Thus, if you just put it down for a while, try to find an elevated surface. At least, it would help if you placed it on a sheet of plastic or tarp.

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How to store in a cold climate?

The cold climate can reduce battery life. In the cold months, I don't think you should use your drill. You should store in a place where you can avoid this problem.

Now, have you known where the best places to store your good cordless drill is? If not yet, let me repeat one more time. First of all, you have to put it in the case, keep it in a dry place, and avoid high temperatures.