Recover Old Google Account

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Google does offer a list of options to attempt if you've lost access to your account, whether it's due to a forgotten password or a password change caused by a hacker. Here in this article you will know How Recover Old Google Account.

Being unable to access your Google account may be quite upsetting and frustrating. I came across numerous instances of people who had been locked out of their accounts after forgetting their passwords while doing research for this piece, and I also came across a couple who were still unable to get back in even after trying for a few weeks.

Beyond Google's suggestions, your alternatives could be restricted, so it's better to be organized in advance. The following advice will put you in the best possible solutions to Recover Old Google Account

Back up your Account Regularly

If you have a recent backup of your data, it will be less of a blow if you ever (hopefully never) lose access to your account and is less likely to cause your blood pressure to rise.

You may download your data using a feature offered by Google called Takeout. You have the option of downloading all the data from your Google applications, simply part of them, or just one specific app, like Gmail.

Depending on the type of data, many download formats are available. Your emails will be downloaded in the MBOX format, which may subsequently be transferred to most other email services or applications, including another Gmail account.

Keep a Record of your Old Password

If you forget your password, Google may prompt you to enter your old password as one method of authenticating your identity. It could be difficult (or impossible) to recall your previous password if it has been a while since you changed it (if you have ever changed it). Keep a copy of your previous password in a secure location when you change your Google password, which is something you should do frequently.

Using your password manager - you use one, right? — to keep track of previous passwords is a wise move in this situation. When you establish a new password for an app, the majority of password managers will offer to update the current record for that app. If at all feasible, you should instead choose to make a new entry and then go back and change the old one to say something like "Gmail - old password."